Tomorrow’s Teachers: The Future of Education

Megan Pitt '23, Editor in Chief

Cartoon courtesy of Vecteezy

As the West community nears the spring season, students will begin registering for classes for the 2023-2024 school year. West students are allowed two full-year or four half-year electives, assuming they are enrolled in all core subjects, including world language. 

Seniors have the most leniency in their schedules, considering most graduation requirements only command three years of core courses such as math and science. Thus, these students tend to opt for more adventurous electives or classes more aligned with their future goals. For years, a select few electives have occupied the schedules of the upperclassmen—culinary, broadcasting, art classes, etc. Now, a new course is on the rise: Tomorrow’s Teachers.

Tomorrow’s Teachers invites seniors at Cherry Hill West to study the “history, development, organization and practices of preschool, elementary and secondary education” (West Elective Site). Not only are the adolescents exposed to a possible career choice, but they are taught critical leadership skills and have the opportunity to participate in fieldwork, gaining experience in a functioning classroom. According to documentation by the West Elective Site, “during the second and third marking periods, students will perform fieldwork in the elementary/middle school to observe content, grade levels, and styles of instruction”. 

Previous students have noted that the program is a great opportunity that allows a chance to “‘[learn] so much, about things I didn’t even think of before’” (West Elective Site). Another West student emphasized the role of the children they interacted with while interning in a classroom: “‘Kids will change your point of view’” (West Elective Site). Many remarked that the experience allowed them to feel as though they were making a true impact in their community: “‘You will be [the students’] change and help guide them towards their future’” (West Elective Site). 

In order to qualify to take the course, a student must be a rising senior with a B average and at least 100 credits. They must be able to provide their own transportation for fieldwork and are required to complete an application (posted in Google Classroom) and acquire three letters of recommendation from a guidance counselor, community member, and a teacher. 

Selected students will be asked to sign a letter of commitment. They will also be eligible to attain college credit upon completion of the course. 

The Google Classroom code for Tomorrow’s Teachers is 45r3mqa.