‘The Martian’ Movie Review


Nii-Darku Dodoo '17, Staff Writer

Imagine if you were stranded on Mars, millions of miles away from home, with a limited supply of food. That is the predicament of Mark Watney, the astronaut who is stranded on Mars after a ferocious storm. His crew left him behind because they thought he did not survive. This brilliant movie shows how arduous life is on Mars. What makes the movie even more brilliant is the science behind it, like how gravity on Mars is a lot weaker compared to that of Earth, so it affects the way Mark Watney moves.

I interviewed Faraz Shah ’17 and Michael Guerrero ’17 who watched the movie. This is what they had to say about it:

Nii-Darku Dodoo: Was there a decent plot line in the film?

Faraz Shah: The plot line in “The Martian” was good. The movie started off with the conflict and it drew my attention immediately. The movie was very interesting and I enjoyed it.

Michael Guerrero: There was a decent plot line for “The Martian.” It had realistic aspects to it. There wasn’t interstellar space travel or individual spaceships for astronauts that could fly for miles. The mission to Mars in the movie is so realistic, it shows how “we” humans could probably go to Mars in about a decade from now. The comedy in the movie also adds more respect from viewers, but thankfully the comedy is not too overwhelming in the movie.

Dodoo: How was the cast? Did the actors/actresses perform well?

Guerrero: The cast was great and they saw each of their roles for the Mars mission as extremely important. The main characters played by Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, and Jeff Daniels really shaped how the story connected with suspense, and an urge to know what’s happening next and how many things are going to work.

Shah: The cast was wonderful. Matt Damon played the leading role in the movie and he has been in many good movies. Every actor/actress performed well in their roles in the movie.

Dodoo: Did the movie look cheesy or was it spectacular? How was the CGI (graphics)?

Shah: The movie wasn’t cheesy at all. It was spectacular. The movie was realistic except for a scene or two. The CGI was good. The movie had a lot of stunning visuals.

Guerrero: The movie had awesome visuals – looking at space, Mars, inside planet Mars, the spaceships and rockets, they all looked too real. The CGI was perfect especially for Mars. Viewers can’t even tell if the rocks, mountains, or even the sky was fake; that’s how good the CGI was.

Dodoo: Would you recommend other people watch the film?

Guerrero: I would recommend people who like space in general. This is because characters in the movie show how important it is to bring every astronaut back home, but more importantly, the movie shows how hard it would be to live on Mars this way possibly.

Shah: I would recommend this movie to people who are interested in space. The movie showed what could happen if we travelled to Mars.

“The Martian” is truly an immaculate movie, with stunning visuals, intense plot line, and hilarious humor. The film shows how fascinating astronomy is. I recommend you watch the film if you want to see how it’s possible to survive on Mars, and if you want to know more about the complexity of space.