Internet Dependence – A Good Thing

Sean Tomasetto, Staff Writer

Our dependence on the internet and social media should be widely considered a good thing. In later years, the world will change and be mostly internet-based. That’s just the way the world is evolving, and it is evolving at a rapid pace. To deny this fact is ignorance. Ever since it’s conception the internet has only gotten more prominent in daily life, nowadays almost blending into our lives entirely.

Phones are now able to be carried in pockets, and the majority of people in the world have one. To not think that the internet is here to stay is laughable. Many people argue that humanity is steadily becoming more and more addicted to the internet, although the question is if this is truly a bad thing. The internet is the next step to a shining new era of information and power, all in one’s pocket. The possibilities are quite literally infinite.

I’ve heard many claim that dependence on the internet should be relaxed, since they ‘got on fine without the internet.’ This argument is utterly ridiculous. Sure, a previous age may have survived without internet, and our age would be able to for sure, but why would we want that? Why would we intentionally handicap ourselves in that way? To limit the potential of our species? There is an opportunity to reach out beyond everything our ancestors ever fantasized about and more, and yet some want to place arbitrary limits on the outer reaches of technology solely because we ‘use it too much’.

This kind of thinking destroys ambition, the same ambition that allowed men to take to the skies, that allowed a man on the moon. This ambition was not brought down by limits, but soared due to mankind understanding a need to evolve and find something beyond what they see. It’s the same ambition that allows mankind as a species to look the universe in the eyes and laugh right in its face. The kind of thinking against technology, it destroys potential for more. The internet, and technology in general, is a stepping stone to a tomorrow far beyond the outdated past.