Deferred Action for Child Arrivals

Skylar Kipp, Staff Writer

Those against the repeal of the DACA program have taken part in numerous protests to try and let their opinions be known.

DACA, also known as Deferred Action for Child Arrivals, was a program created by the Obama Administration that allowed children who illegally migrated with their parents to get a reprieve from deportation and have the option to have a job, go to school and get a driver’s license. Technically, this is considered partial citizenship, and about 800,000 people receive partial citizenship from this program. These 800,000 citizens have a place within our economy and those of age are taxpayers, their citizenship is as real as someone who was born here.

The Trump Administration however, is in works to repeal the program entirely. Their reasoning is because they don’t feel it is entirely legal, and that the program is an abuse of executive power. However, many beg to differ that the lives of these people who have lived in the United States for almost their entire lives or for many years, matter much more than any legalities. These are citizens who are very much involved in the economy and livelihood of the United States, and the mass deportation of 800,000 people can harm not only small economies, but also tear families apart in the process. These people will lose their chance at education, they will lose their jobs, their possessions and more because of this repeal. Many college campuses have held get together to support those who will be affected by the removal of the DACA program. These get togethers beg people to ask themselves the question; what would you do if you were forced to leave your home to go to a country you have never been to? That’s how these Dreamers feel.