Why You Shouldn’t Consume Water Out of Plastic Bottles

Michael Passio '17, Staff Writer

The consumption of water bottles has many more negative effects than you would think. People consume water bottles everywhere, it’s an easier access to water. The information that will be brought to your attention about these harmful water bottles will leave you with a dropped jaw.

Some people may have never known what really goes in the water that sits in their plastic bottle. People should not waste their money on single usage water bottles, they can be costly and less effective than tap water.

Let’s start by discussing the harmful chemicals that are found in our everyday water bottle. The water in these water bottles can throw off the hormones in your body. The chemicals that are found are known as bisphenol A, and BPA. These chemicals come from the plastic and can leak into the water supply, more likely when the water bottle is in heat, or when it has been very old. The thing is, there are different types of plastic for different water bottles, therefore there can be more deadly chemicals in the water, but testing is still being done.

The talk on littering, we all have heard it, “don’t do it, it’s bad for the environment!” Well approximately 24 billion of these water bottles are being thrown out. Most of them are not even being recycled. 86% are found in landfills. Once they get to the landfills the plastic can sit there for hundreds of years without decomposing! When we don’t throw them out the healthy way, the earth is becoming less healthy and less of a beautiful scene. If you see someone you know with a water bottle, make sure that goes into a recycle can when they’re done. Our environment cannot keep taking these hits, we need to take it into consideration and make sure the earth stays as healthy as possible.

What’s the solution to this problem ? How can we consume healthy drinking water? Well, you can purchase a reusable bottle. The good news is that these work as water bottles, but you fill them with clean water from your home. And this way, you can help keep the environment safer because you never throw this out or harm the environment in any way. You will feel a lot better knowing that you are helping the environment and also helping your body. Make sure you do the right thing, and help the environment and your body out!