Why Our Earth is Getting All Warm and Cozy

Katrina Lewis '19, Staff Writer

In a planet that has been around for millions of years, it’s hard to understand what is good for it and what’s not. Humans haven’t been on this planet for a long time, and there was no one on this planet before us to leave instructions on how to care for it. But instead of simply giving up on the problems, we should learn to adjust and change our ways when we find out how it hurts the planet.

Global warming is one of those serious issues that is greatly affecting our Earth. The issue leads all the way back to humans, and we are the direct cause of this issue. Our behavior could be changed in order to protect the planet and limit our damage caused, but even after so much proof has been shown, some people still refuse to believe that global warming is a real issue.

Global warming is caused by carbon dioxide and other pollutants getting released into the air. It goes into the atmosphere and it traps heat inside the planet which causes a rise of temperature. These gases are required for life of humans, but there is also an extreme amount being produced because of the industry in Earth today.

Human activities releases 37 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Natural processes can eliminate most of this carbon dioxide but 17 billion tons still remains. Industrialization has put a bigger strain on the planet

The rise of temperature has caused huge environmental changes to earth. Ice caps from Antarctica have been tested and it shows that the changes in greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution have increased because of factories and have negatively impacted the Earth.

This has caused an overall average temperature increase on Earth, and has caused glaciers and ice caps in the poles to have extreme melting. The ocean temperatures have also increased overall. Water levels in cities are rising because of it too. The amount of snow each winter has decreased because of the heat too.

Overall, global warming is slowly affecting the Earth and the damage it is causing may soon be irreplaceable.