“Women, Life, And Freedom: A Battle for Women’s Rights”

Eva Ryan '25, Staff Writer


Photo from the New York Times


According to The New York Times, Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman, was “improperly dressed”. A piece of her hair was showing from under her hijab, which led to her being transported to a detention facility on September 13. She was reported dead three days later, on September 16th, with the cause of death unknown.

Since then, women in Iran, and globally, have been protesting “women, life, and freedom,” according to the New York Times. It means that women are important, and that they deserve life and freedom.  All around the world, people believe Amini died at the hands of police, based on the fact that she died in such an unusual circumstance.

The protests include women burning their hijabs, cutting their hair, and dancing bare-headed in front of police. Police and government officials have turned to violence using fire, tear gas, and bullets, which has killed 200+ protesters, many being women and children.

“The anger isn’t over just Mahsa’s death, but that she should have never been arrested in the first place,” said Shadi Sadr, a prominent human rights lawyer who has campaigned for Iranian women’s rights for two decades. According to The New York Times.

Because of all these protests, the government has restricted the internet, blocking anyone from Iran from communicating with anyone from outside the country about the abuse and alleged murder.

Although the government has agreed to an investigation, the protests have proceeded. There is still an open investigation on the death of Amini. More information will be known soon.