No More Masks?

Ellie Doman '23, Staff Writer

     For almost two years our faces have been disguised by pieces of cloth protecting us from a disease that has the potential to kill people and has. COVID-19 has impacted our society for a long time now.  Are we as a community ready to reveal our faces to our peers and teachers? Are we ready to take this return to normalcy?

    Well, get ready because March 7th all Cherry Hill Schools are permitted to lift the mask mandate as authorized by Governor Murphy. This new update allows anyone to attend school without a mask regardless of their vaccine updates. However, according to several High School West sources, if the Covid-19 cases rise higher and reach the Red Zone, then masks will be required again. Reaching the Red Zone means an area experienced more than 100 new cases per 100,000 people during the last week. 

     The question is now whether you are comfortable with this? Of course, if you feel uncomfortable in an unmasked setting, you can wear your mask, but you are not forced to. So, are you ready to see your teachers and peers’ faces?