Steppin’ Out at West

Steppin Out at West

Tom Laskowski, Class of ‘23, Staff Writer

The Step Team is a school activity that takes place inside of the school, not outside. The Step Team is a group of students who perform a dance using the entire body as an instrument to produce rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken words, handclaps, and dramatic movements.

      The Step Team is open to anyone., They practice during the lunch break.   Currently, there are eight students participating in the Step Team. Other students have an interest and more students are giving ideas and are going to be a part of the team.

     The Team has not had any competitions so anyone participating will be a founding team member. If someone wants to get involved in the Step Team just join the Google Classroom. (The  code is at the bottom of this article.). If you have any questions, see Ms.Giles in the Student Advocate Office in room F-39. There is a bulletin board outside of F-39 with more information. The Google Classroom code for the step team is: ld04e7.