Police Club at West


Shayne Stingel '20

Police Club is a group of students that meet once a month with officers from the Cherry Hill Police Department.  The club is directed by Lieutenant Keath Mahan, a Cherry Hill West graduate and campus police officer, Joseph Baldasare.  The Club meets to discuss law enforcement and certain topics like road stops, K-9’s and even how to become a police officer.

Police club started five years ago at High School West with Lt. Mahan and now-retired Officer Richard Bogan.  Lt. Mahan said that the number of students coming has drastically increased ever since the 2018 school year.  Meeting numbers could range from 15 to 40  students.

Police Club meets every month in A-8. Each date varies because of the scheduling of the CHPD. Please see Officer Joe for dates and details or stop by his office located in the breezeway between the middle F wing and  H wing. Please look for flyers hung up in the hallway with meeting information.