New West Club Dedicated to Creating Positive Change – Athletes Against Bullying


Natalie Fournier 23, Staff Writer


New West Club Dedicated to Creating Positive Change

Bullying is a major issue in today’s society, whether it be on the sports fields, in the hallways, or from the comfort of hiding behind a screen. Students at Cherry Hill High School West are determined to create positive change in their community and be role models for other students. Thus, the Athletes Against Bullying Club was born. Advisors Mrs. Coffey, Ms. Anthony, and Ms. Begley communicated with coaches to determine what students at West had the most positive spirit and would be a great asset to the Athletes Against Bullying Team. After the creation of a core group and the establishment of an executive board, the Athletes Against Bullying team was ready to launch and gain new members. Although 2021 has been highly unprecedented, these students are dedicated to making positive changes to the West Community and have contributed many technical and social ways to achieve their goals. The club hopes to connect with elementary schools to establish relationships, participate in a trash clean-up of the athletic fields and spread positivity daily. The Athletes Against Bullying Club is determined to change the West community for the better and use the role of the athletes in the school community to inspire others to choose kindness.

To follow the club on Instagram search: chw_aab