Listen Up, Freshmen


Isabella Lombardo '21, Staff Writer

Central to the freshman experience is navigating the endless hallways, with freshmen collectively realizing they’ve gone to the wrong class. It’s not glamorous but still nostalgic. But with COVID-19 shutting down schools all across the nation, the majority of freshmen haven’t gone through the typical highs and lows of their first year in high school. Here are some realizations (most) seniors have had:

  1. NOBODY CARES–Students go into high school with this preconceived notion that everyone is paying attention to every move they make. Kids worry about what they wear or the entire student body noticing they stuttered during a presentation. Maybe in middle school some snarky kid would’ve pointed that out, and they would’ve gotten a few laughs. In high school, nobody cares enough to notice. And if someone makes a rude comment for something as minuscule as not making varsity, most people collectively agree that person is rude.
  2. TALKING TO TEACHERS IS FUNDAMENTAL–It’s become more difficult to form those connections online, but when everyone returns back to school, they’re important. Yes, there’s the superficial reason for getting teacher recommendations for college applications or wanting to get on their “good side.” Beyond this, students begin to mature and see their teachers as role models and humanize them more. No longer are teachers rigid authority figures. Granted, there are inevitably favorite and not so favorite teachers. The important part is building up relationships with teachers. They have a lot of insight, and it’s not quite as uncommon as it was in middle school to talk to teachers about their lives. Plus, this will make it easier for students to reach out for extra help outside of school. 
  3. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY–Online classes have gotten students used to texting their friends or browsing social media on the side, but that doesn’t go over as well in physical high school. Not only is it disrespectful to the teacher, but it’s ultimately bad for the students. Sometimes, teachers notice and don’t say anything because they know the student is choosing to not pay attention, which reflects poorly on their grades. 
  4. HALLWAY ETIQUETTE–As every senior will fervently beg, don’t stop in the middle of the hallway. Even if a kid is lost or wants to wait for their friend, stopping is the worst thing to do when everyone else is trying to get to class. In particular, there’s the famous “intersection.” Here, 4 wings merge at the center, resulting in lots of shoving and yelling. For those who feel overwhelmed, step to the side of the hallway and ask a teacher for help!


To freshmen worried about going back to school or trying to fit into the mold of an all-knowing sophomore: Relax. Relish these years of high school, because, despite the studying and papers and tests, it really is a fun time.