Cherry Hill West Spirit Week


Nghia Tran '21

Hooray! It’s finally that time of the year again for fun, celebration, and friendly competition in school all while doing many entertaining activities together. Spirit Week is finally here! Spirit Week will begin on November 21st and end on November 27th at Cherry Hill West High School.

This year’s Spirit Week theme is movies — all kinds of different movies. The theme for the Freshman is comedies; Sophomore is horror; Juniors is romance, and Seniors is musicals. Each grade also has a certain color to wear to earn points for Spirit Week. Freshmen will wear green; Sophomores will wear maroon; Juniors will wear blue; Seniors will wear black.

The school will be hosting Wing Bowl on November 21st. The students will compete on who can eat the most chicken wings within 2 minutes the fastest to win. The teachers will compete to see who can eat the hottest chicken wings to win.

The Lip Sync competition, for all grade levels, will be on November 25th at 7:00 PM. All proceeds will benefit the annual Food Drive. It’s free to participate and $5 to attend.

Powder Puffs will take place on November 21st at 6:00 PM at the stadium, the game is specifically for girls. Coach Bird will be coaching the Freshman and Senior team and Coach DiMedio will be coaching the Sophomore and Junior team. The Powder Puffs game is just for the girls to have fun competing against each other. The winning team will get a trophy that is the shape of a high heel. The winning team will also get bragging rights along with the trophy.

Homecoming will be on November 22nd. Tickets will be available November 18th through November 22nd during LB1 and LB2 in the cafeteria. The ticket to the Homecoming dance is $8 in advance, $10 at the door. The Homecoming dance will take place in the cafeteria on Friday, November 22nd from 7 PM-10 PM. Concessions will be available for purchase.

There’s also going to be an unveiling of the Alma Mater on the 20th at 2:10 PM. Dr. Morton, Dr. Smith, Dr. Meloche, and a music group will sing the Alma Mater. Finally, there is an in-school Pep Rally that includes a male cheerleading event. If you don’t want to participate in Spirit Week that is fine; you can still show your spirit and school pride by wearing the correct color clothing that’s assigned to each grade or official West merchandise.

“Spirit Week gets the whole school, all four grade levels together as one, engaged in activities. It leads up to the East versus West football game, and builds spirit between each class and also spirit around the school,” stated Ms. Roskoph, the person in charge of organizing this special event.

Spirit Week has been a celebrated tradition at West ever since the school was built in 1956. There are class advisors for all four grade levels. For the Freshmen, there’s Ms. McWilliams; Ms. Giampola and Ms. Warne are the advisors of the Sophomores; the advisor of the Juniors is Mrs. Ciechon; and finally, the Seniors’ advisors are Ms. Schmarak and Mr. Boiler. For any questions or concerns, go to the class adviser for your grade level.