Fervent Family Focus


Kellie Brining '13, Staff Writer

It has been said that great minds think alike. This phrase, coined by Voltaire in the 1760’s, is still referenced today and can be used when thinking about the Machinski’s and their attitude toward hard work and determination. Whether it is predisposed, acquired, or a mixture of both, Brad, a senior here at Cherry Hill West, and Sierra, a member of the junior class, can’t help but to strive for success.
Sports have always been a part of the Machinski’s lives. Brad has played football and basketball competitively, but has always been most passionate about his one true love: baseball. Sierra, commonly known as “SiSi”, has also engaged in a variety of sports since she was a youngin. Besides constant participation in backyard sports, SiSi played basketball, softball, volley ball and even danced. Despite dancing from ages 3 to 11, her desire to play softball superseded all other activities and to this day remains her passion.
For these two, and many other devoted athletes, sports are so much more than a mere hobby. Sierra credits sports for teaching her discipline and helping her to recognize and respect authority. When asked about the best aspects of being on a team she declared “I love being a competitor and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many great people and coaches along the way”, later stating that each experience has taught her to “never give up” and “always try to improve”. If you’ve ever seen Sierra play, on her travel team the Mystics, or while wearing CHW purple, you have noticed her resilience, and also the cannon she uses to snipe opponents out from shortstop; her domain.
SiSi is not the only short stop in the family. Brad, being an avid baseball fanatic, has been playing since his tee ball days at National. Brad, growing a love for the sport at an early age couldn’t bring himself to retire his glove. He has been playing on a travel team in Philly called the Whiz Kids, has played for West since his freshman year and there are no doubts that Brad will continue to shine as he becomes part of the program at Rowan University.
The accolades this dynamic duo has received over the years show the level of commitment and passion that both exude toward baseball/softball. Second team all-conference awards are nothing out of the ordinary for Si, who received one both freshman and sophomore year and for Brad, his junior year. It is safe to say that these two are true athletes. The two agree upon the fact that being an athlete includes dedication, drive, and focus. “You have to love it” says Brad… “No complaining”.
Despite how hard Brad and SiSi work to advance on the field, they are quite the jokesters off. At home, a daily routine is implemented in order to maintain a good balance. An average day, for the Machinski kids consists of school, practice, games, dinner, and of course homework. You can almost guarantee that somewhere amidst all of that, Brad is cranking his country music and Si is downing in her favorite beverage, chocolate milk.
Sports have always been and will always be a part of Brad and Sierra’s lives. Brad boldly announced “My kids will play sports or they’re not living with me”. It seems that off season work and steadfast enthusiasm will be a family legacy; that, and post game quarter pounders with cheese. The legacy SiSi will pass down is this, “Love it, experience it, and when you step onto the field just do what you do”.