Need Something to Do? Check Out These West Events

Johnathan Swisa '17, Staff Writer

Are you bored on a wonderful Saturday? Looking for plans? Don’t be sour as Cherry Hill West has some incredible upcoming events! Two events you should be writing down on your calendar are The Big Bad Musical and the 2016 West Annual Art show. I got the chance to ask both Ms. McWilliams and Mrs. Savidge who are the head honchos of the musical and the art show respectively.

The Big Bad Musical:

Ms. McWilliams gave me the rundown of the Big Bad Musical. She explained, “The Big Bad Musical is about the trial of the Big Bad Wolf, ” It’s like making a sequel to the original Three Little Pigs. The Fairy Godmother and her clients, Little Red Riding Hood, her grandmother, the Boy Who Cried Wolf and the Three Little Pigs accuse the Wolf of criminal acts. “The Big Bad Wolf, who is accompanied by the Wolfettes, is defended by the evil Stepmother,” she stated. She also added that the jury would be the audience to decide the verdict! So the ending is in the audience’s hands. Is the wolf guilty or innocent? You, the audience decides! I asked what we the audience should expect from this musical and Ms. McWilliams replied, “The audience should expect a fun show where the actors display their talents!” The musical will be on Saturday, May 21st at 7 PM in the New Auditorium.

2016 Annual Art Show:

The coordinator of the Art show, Mrs. Savidge, gave me information about the Art show and what can everyone expect from this year’s show. “The West Annual Art Show is a chance for all of the art students to show off their talents. We have work from all 4 grades and all of the various art classes we have at West. Also, Senior NAHS (National Art Honor Society) members have an entire wall for 2D work or a table for 3D work to showcase the hours of art they have committed their time to over the past 4 years. The NAHS Juniors have a smaller space and just hang work from the current year” She explained. When asked about what everyone should expect, Mrs. Savidge replied, “The audience should expect to see a variety of artwork ranging from pottery to paintings and photographs. They will get a chance to experience all of the work together in one big show. Also, if friends and family join us for the opening of the art show in the evening, they will hear music and have light refreshments to enjoy.” This year, the Deborah Heart Art challenge will see what students brought with their long hours of dedication to art. She also added that “The highlights will be the NAHS member works and the Deborah Heart Art Competition pieces that will be on display”. According to Mrs. Savidge, the show should take place in late May or early June.