“Did I Ever Tell You?” Event Held in CHW


Jessica Amabile '24, Editor in Chief

On April 7, 2022, Cherry Hill High School West hosted an event entitled “Did I ever tell you?”  All sophomores were encouraged to write a letter to the “unsung hero” in their life- someone they admire and who has helped shape them into the person they are today.  

The first thing one saw as they entered the cafeteria was the slideshow presented on the screen, reading “Cherry Hill West Welcomes All of Our Unsung Heroes.”  There were tables set up in long rows, with flowered decorations as centerpieces.  In addition, the Advanced Catering Class was hired to cater the event and served many different types of muffins and bottled water.

There were many important people involved and visiting, such as Dr. Meloche, Dr. Damon, Mrs. Staffin, and other members of the Board of Education. Students’ previous teachers, from Carusi and other Cherry Hill Schools, were invited by the tenth graders.  

Mrs. Staffin and Dr. Damon made introductions, welcoming the “unsung heroes” of their students’ lives into the school.  Damon remarked, “It is important to know your presence on this earth… makes a difference in someone’s life.”  Meloche also had a few wise words, stating, “In a world where there is plenty of opportunity to see the negative…take a lesson this morning to… recognize the positive influence in our lives.”  He also mentioned how important events such as this are to the community.  He encouraged everyone to be a positive influence in others’ lives, as these “unsung heroes” were to the students.

Caleb Williams, a senior who had this assignment two years ago, was a keynote speaker at the event.  He spoke about his experience with the assignment, and how it impacted his ability to recognize the gratitude he had towards his youth pastor, who moved away shortly after the assignment was given.  There were many students who volunteered to read their letters, all of which were very heartfelt and kind.  After all of this, students handed their letters to their hero, leading to smiles, tears, laughter, and hugs all around.  Soon after, Staffin thanked everyone involved and everyone who chose to participate.  Overall, the event seemed to be a success on everyone’s part, and a great way to celebrate those that students appreciate in their lives.