Michigan State University Shooting: A Devastating Tragedy 


Avery Mayer '23, Staff Writer

The Student Union and Student Center buildings are often the most vibrant and popular buildings on college campuses. They’re usually the social center and gathering spot for clubs, meals between classes, concerts, and even study groups. On Monday, February 13, three students were killed and five were injured late in the evening at Michigan State University. 

The shootings were reported at MSU Student Union and the Berkeley Hall Social Science building. Alexandria Verner, Brian Fraser, and Arielle Diamond Anderson were killed in this devastating shooting. Alexandria was a three-sport athlete, and Brian was the president of his fraternity, Pi Beta Theta, and Arielle had a dream of becoming a doctor but now will never get that opportunity.The gunman, 43 year old Anthony Dwane McRae, died of a self-inflicted wound, but was not affiliated with MSU and his intentions are unknown. However, his background reveals more about this event. 

In 2020, McRae’s mother died of illness and his “demeanor changed”, according to his father. His father, Michael McRae claimed that after his mother’s death, his son never left his room, developed a bitter attitude, and was briefly in a homeless shelter. Anthony McRae was never diagnosed with any mental health issues but has a history of possessing firearms. This shooting is just another example of how easy it is to gain access to military-grade assault weapons and shows how the lives of many promising young adults can be taken in a second.