How Climate Change is Affecting the World

Jess Amabile '24, Staff Writer

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“The planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 2.12 degrees Fahrenheit (1.18 degrees Celsius) since the late 19th century, a change driven largely by increased carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and other human activities,” according to an article on NASA’s website, Global Climate Change.  Earth’s climate is changing, in what scientists predict is not a good way.  There are many things that contribute to our planet’s changes over the past few decades, such as carbon emissions, an increase in greenhouse gases, and deforestation, to name a few.

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A well-known factor contributing to climate change is carbon emissions.  People have generally been aware of how the exhaust from cars, buses, trains, etc has been affecting the planet by damaging the ozone layer.  However, there are many other reasons why the earth’s climate has changed so drastically.  An example of this is known as the Greenhouse Effect, which occurs when greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, have built up, causing some of the heat from the sun to stay contained in the atmosphere, according to EUClimateAction.  Deforestation is another critical factor in the reason why climate change has begun to occur.  WWF New Zealand stated, “Deforestation [is a cause of climate change] because living trees absorb and store carbon dioxide”.


“Climate change is not just a problem for later generations.”


How The World Has Been Affected So Far


There have already been significant changes around the world due to climate change.  For example, the world’s temperatures are changing.  The Weather Channel, in an article about average temperatures, stated that the temperature norms have changed, with much of the United States “expected to have a warmer annual average temperature.”  However, other areas will have colder than average temperatures, showing that climate change is not just a problem for later generations.  This means that normal temperatures around the world are changing.  The summers you might be used to could end up being much warmer, or the winters colder.   Another effect climate change has had on the planet is the movement of the poles. mentioned, “In 1995, polar drift changed direction completely, and between that year and 2020, the speed of the pole movement increased about 17 times compared to the average speed measured between 1981 and 1995, according to the AGU.”  This is not a good thing, no matter how you look at it.

What is Predicted to Happen as an Effect of Climate Change


As President Biden mentioned during the Climate Summit, this is the decisive decade.  NASA predicts that temperatures will rise, more droughts, stronger hurricanes, and patterns of precipitation will change.  They also mentioned that the Arctic’s ice will be mostly melted by the next decade.  An article called “The Effects of Climate Change” explains this in more depth.  It also mentions that sea levels are predicted to rise up to eight feet by 2100.  This could cause a lot more flooding in areas near a coast.

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What is Being Done About Climate Change?

Recently, there was an Earth Day Climate Summit that many world leaders attended.  President Biden announced that he wants to cut greenhouse gas pollution by 50% in the next decade.  According to an article from USA Today, Biden stated, “‘Scientists tell us that this is the decisive decade, this is the decade we must make decisions that will avoid the worst consequences of a climate crisis.’’  In other words, we need to take action against climate change now.  However, Biden also mentioned that the US represents 15% of the world’s emissions, and that “‘No nation can solve this crisis on our own… All of us, and particularly those of us who represent the world’s largest economies, we have to step up.’”

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Conclusion/ What can you do?

Although world leaders are aware of climate change, it’s not enough.  There are many ways you can help reduce climate change, such as simple things like recycling and using different forms of transportation.  Different forms of transportation include riding buses, trains, bikes, carpooling, or even walking.  These are just a few examples of what you can do.  Click here for an article by NRDC about what you can do to help stop global warming.








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