Ranking My Least Favorite Animal Crossing Villagers

Ranking My Least Favorite Animal Crossing Villagers

Eli Long , Staff Writer

From Barold to Rodney, these villagers make you wonder what Nintendo was thinking when they designed them. A ranking of the villagers I personally find untrustworthy or downright horrifying. 


Animal Crossing is a game where you run your own island, and make friends with kind and cute villagers. Serene music plays as you explore your island and run your town. It’s a peaceful game you’d think, right? Wrong. Because some villagers Nintendo made are absolutely terrifying, and terrorize everyone in your village. There’s been a recent trend of people trying to get these villagers off their islands, and I myself, who’s been playing since March, have been a part of it too. One day these unwanted visitors show up, and you have no idea how or why they look and act the way they do. In this cute paradise-like game, you’re suddenly confronted by a terrifying and rude villager. These villagers are largely disliked by me and a lot of the community. In this article, I’ll be ranking my least favorite villagers from the ones I can tolerate, to ones who if they came on my island again I’d delete the game.                                                         

Number 1:  Broccolo

Broccolo isn’t the worst but he isn’t the best either. I feel like he could be cute, but why did they give him a bowl cut? If he wasn’t cursed with those bangs maybe he wouldn’t be on this list. His eyes and smile are so lifeless I feel like he knows the secrets of life but refuses to tell us. He also has the lazy personality, meaning he mostly talks about snacks and nothing else. Overall, he isn’t my most hated villager but there is nothing really to him. Image source: IGN


Number 2: Diva

In terms of looking cursed, Diva isn’t up there with the rest of this list. She definitely has a supervillain vibe, but the main issue is her personality. Diva is snooty and acts rude to pretty much everyone. Despite her sisterly personality, she either gets into fights with the other villagers or asks you to run errands for her! I guess she lives up to her namesake. Minus points because it took forever to get her to move out. Image source: Animal Crossing Wiki


Number 3: Harry

They could have given him any design and they chose this. The mustard fur is….an interesting choice. That probably would have been fine if they didn’t give him an unkempt beard and camo shirt. He just looks like he needs to take a shower. He also has a cranky personality meaning he isn’t even redeemable or lovable. He’s rude to pretty much everyone, and there really aren’t any pros to having him on your island. Image source: Nintendo

Number 4: Barold


I know it’s popular to hate on Barold but I mean, just look at him. It’s like Nintendo was aiming to create the most hated villager. Animal Crossing is supposed to be an idyllic getaway with cute animals but Barold looks like an Apple Store employee. Even worse, his house is FILLED with cameras. Who is he watching? And why? He would be lower on the list but he’s gotten so much hate online I just feel bad for him. Image source: Nintendo 


Number 5: Moose

As a whole, Nintendo did mouse villagers so wrong. Blue and brown are not cute together and his hair is curly but not in a good way. His one eyebrow is up like he’s making fun of you constantly. He’s a jock villager as well, meaning he spends all day bragging about how muscular he is when nobody really asked. Any time I renovated my island, Moose was always walking in the way. He’s just too smug, but he did move out fast. He and Barold were hard to rank, but overall I don’t feel bad for Moose, he’s just rude to everyone. Image source: Nintendo


Number 6: Limberg

Why would they do this? Just why. Limberg’s design is so bad I can’t even look at him. When he walks around, I feel unsafe. His creepy beady eyes follow you, and the weird five o clock shadow he has going on doesn’t help. The rosy cheeks are usually cute, but on him they make him look like a creepy clown. His eyes, paws, and ears are slightly darker than the rest of him as if he’s dirty. And no matter what, he just smiles at you, watching you. If Animal Crossing were a horror game, he’d be the best in it. Plus, he’s a cranky villager so on top of haunting your dreams, he’s a horrible neighbor. Image source: Animal Crossing Wiki

Number 7:  Rodney 

DO NOT LET THIS HAMSTER ON YOUR ISLAND. If Snowbell, my village, had a “No Fly” list, Rodney would be right at the top. He’s public enemy number one. DO NOT trust him. First off, his design is less like a hamster and more like a rat that got mutated at Willy Wonky’s chocolate factory. Secondly, he is the rudest on this list by far. I was willing to give him a chance, but he thinks he’s a movie star and that by being on your island he’s gracing you with his presence. That’s literally part of his dialogue. He thinks and says that everyone else is beneath him. It took weeks to get him to move out, 0/10 if you see him evict him immediately.