Fightin’ Phils Roster Overview

Bridget Burnham '24, Staff Writer


Photo Credit: Fox29 


The MLB 2022 season was filled with unpredictable achievements for the Philadelphia Phillies. Bryce Harper and J.T. Realmuto’s remarkable abilities along with the step-ups of Nick Castellanos, Kyle Schwarber, Jean Segura, and plenty of others paved the way for victory, especially throughout the playoffs. However, following their unexpected National League Championship win as well as an unforgettable World Series appearance, The Fightin’ Phils are now making some serious changes to their roster.                                                                   

Within the past month, the Phillies have announced multiple additions to their roster, all of whom are known to have significant skill from their previous seasons. Most notable are Trea Turner (SS) and Gregory Soto (P), who have both brought shock and excitement to fans. Turner is known for his unbeatable speed and defensive skills while Soto is known for his two-time All-Star achievement as a relief pitcher. The Phillies are also adding Kody Clemens (2B), Craig Kimbrel (P), Taijuan Walker (P), and Matt Strahm (P). With Soto and Clemens both coming from the Detroit Tigers along with Turner and Kimbrel arriving from LA, the 2023 team chemistry is expected to be strong. 

Although the Fightin’s are adding such a wide array of skills to their roster, they have also let go of multiple players who largely contributed to their Championship and World Series effort. The tradeoff for two-time All-Star relief pitcher Gregory Soto and Kody Clemens cost them the exchange of Matt Vierling as well as Nick Maton, both of whom were key bench players growing into larger roles on the team. Starting 2nd baseman, Jean Segura, will also be leaving the team to join the Miami Marlins. Segura’s strong defense and consistent contact when batting created countless opportunities for others in the lineup throughout the season. Additionally, free agent Noah Syndergaard was signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers, free agent Zach Eflin was signed by the Tampa Bay Rays, free agent David Robertson to the New York Mets, and free agent Kyle Gibson to the Baltimore Orioles.  

As Phillies fans welcome the new additions to Philadelphia, the question remains whether they will see yet again another World Series appearance in 2023. The Fightin’s have not won a World Series title since 2008 against the Tampa Bay Rays. Therefore, fans will definitely have high expectations of the team throughout the upcoming 2023 season, hoping to not only appear in the World Series but clinch a title for victory.