The Positives of High school Sports


Jill Shapiro '23, Staff Writer

Many high school students find their afternoons occupied with hours-long athletic practices directly after school and piles of homework waiting for them when they finish. It can most certainly be difficult for many to manage stressful seasons and schoolwork, but for those who try, valuable lessons can be learned. 

Student-athletes are often held to a higher standard than the average student. There are grade requirements that must be met and there is an emphasis on acting as a role model for other students. The coach of varsity Girls Soccer and Freshman Basketball, Katina Anthony, explains the importance of this while also adding that grades determine whether or not athletes can participate in any sports at all. This places extra pressure on those who already can be struggling with the pressure of their sports already. Despite this, these students are often shaped by their experiences in ways that others cannot be. 

One of the biggest benefits of playing high school sports is the tight-knit communities they create in and out of school. Freshmen coming into high school are introduced to dozens of people from all grades. It gives some comfort and stability to those thrown into unfamiliar circumstances. Knowing a group of people before even stepping foot into school can ease anxieties and create lifelong friendships. 

High school sports also teach teenagers how to manage their time. Most schools require students to maintain good grades in order to be allowed to participate in any activities. With those who already have hours after school occupied with sports, these requirements can be hard to meet. Having limited time teaches students to manage their time better and plan their assignments so that everything can be done on time. While high school is difficult for all students, sports, despite being time consuming, can help teach lessons that greatly help ease some of the difficulties. 

Another significant positive aspect of playing high school sports is the character-building it generates. When being on a team, teenagers must learn how to work with others and communicate effectively. Teamwork helps to build strong leadership skills that can be carried on throughout school and even later in life.  Sports help to develop well rounded individuals who demonstrate organization and strong communication skills which many in the age of technology are lacking. Overall, the benefits of playing sports in highschool greatly outweigh the negatives and teach teens valuable life lessons that they can carry throughout adulthood.