A Season in Review: West Cheerleading


Emily Connor '22, Staff Writer

The Cherry Hill West Cheerleading squad wrapped up their fall season this month in Wildwood. The team competed in the “American Revolution and School Cheerleading Competition” (ARSC), placing third. 

The 2021 Cheerleading team had several participants this year. The team was led by seniors, Marnie String, Hannah Armstrong, Leila Jones, and Alexis Katz. The 2021 West Cheerleading Squad has been a family for senior cheerleader, Marnie String, as she shared her thoughts on her involvement over the past four years. “Being a West Cheerleader has been very important to me. West Cheer was the first activity I got to be part of in my high school experience, and my West experience. I was taught the West Way and what it means to be a West lion. My time as a West cheerleader has meant that I got to represent the West Way proudly while learning who I am and how I can be better,” String said. 

The underclassmen of the team included Alexa Savage, Abby Fumia, Arianna Karamfilov, Caitlin Campbell, Carnia Valentino, Isabelle Valentino, Emma Slifko, Bianca Silfko, Gianna Valeriano, Jess Ceteras, Kyla Rivera, Mary Kemner, Taylor Sharpe, Sahara Bey, Lexy Lipford, Christina Pinho, Hailey Ivory, Juliana Church, and Kelly Topham. 

The Lady Lions cheered on the Varsity football team this season and hyped up the student section at home games. Rain or shine, the cheerleading squad went all out to show off their school spirit. They even taught the student section their cheers at the annual East vs. West football game in the pouring rain, helping West defeat East, 33-0. 

Coach Alexis Pfefferle led the team this season, all the way to their first school competition in years. The Lady Lions also hosted a cheerleading competition at Cherry Hill High School West for local schools and recreational teams. West did not compete, but they were wonderful hosts to a successful event. 

These Lady Lions show off the West Way on and off the field and will forever be a staple in the West community.