Earth Day


Norge Hollows, Staff Writer

This year we celebrated our annual Earth Day on Saturday, April 22. This day is dedicated to the environmentalist movement which is committed to raising awareness on the protection of our planet from pollution and deforestation. Earth Day is a global celebration with a confirmed 192 countries, as of 2022, involved and coordinating with the EarthDay nonprofit organization. This event is used to promote not only awareness but action. It encourages donations, volunteer work, and individual change to help clean up the pollution that floods our planet and seek more environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday life.


The movement is mainly focused on a few big topics: sustainable fashion, the canopy project, reduction of plastic pollution, climate literacy, conservation, biodiversity, and global climate literacy. One of the topics- sustainable fashion- is a movement that is combating the pollution, massive carbon footprint, biodiversity loss, deforestation, and exploitative labor of fast fashion. All of these movements along with many others attack and act against issues that threaten Earth and the life living on it.