Kids 10 and under are now banned from eating at some Italian restaurants


Mariyana Randolph, Staff Writer

Recently Nettie’s House of Spaghetti, an Italian restaurant in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, has banned children under the age of 10 from their establishment. The restaurant made a Facebook post stating, “between noise levels, lack of space for high chairs, cleaning up crazy messes, and the liability of kids running around the restaurant, we have decided that it’s time to take control of the situation.” Many restartuants mostly have this similar problem. But some don’t really take this extremity and try to work around it. It is known obviously that when it comes to children being in restaurants of any kind more things are needed to catter to them. For example if their is a baby who needs a high chair that can’t sitg in regular seats then the restaurant has to bring that to the customers. So depending on the establishment and what they have or what they can do to the best of their abilities it will show if they can meet though needs of the customers with children.


Nettie’s says that this decision did not come “lightly”. The business is aware that this newly made policy will upset some customers, especially the ones who say they have very well-behaved children who enjoy visiting the restaurant. In response, the establishment posted again on its Facebook saying, “We love kids. We really, truly, do. But lately, it’s been extremely challenging to accommodate children at Nettie’s.”The establishment didn’t initially provide details on how this policy would be enforced in terms of action. The Facebook posts sparked a lot of controversy with mixed reactions blowing up on social media. Later, in a comment posted on the social media platform Facebook , the restaurant elaborated on the fact that “kids running around the restaurant in circles when we’re trying to carry trays of food and drinks have made doing our jobs extremely difficult.” Nettie’s is not the only establishment that needed to make such a change. Back in 2018 in California, there was a fishermen’s store that made a similar policy. The sign on the outside of Old Fisherman’s Grotto states “No strollers, no high chairs, no booster chairs. Children crying or making loud noises are a distraction to other diners, and as such are not allowed in the dining room.”

In this situation as well, there were mixed opinions, which were discussed on Yelp. There are going to be two main sides of opinions from the public or more and the most generalized one is they agree with this change or the public thinks this is not okay.

What do you think? Should there be a policy against allowing children in restaurants? Or was this situation blown out of proportion?