Donald Trump Calls for Death Penalty for Drug Dealers

Mariyana Randolph, Staff Writer

The common use of harmful drugs and drug dealing in the United States is one of the country’s many problems. It seems as if former president Donald Trump has a solution to this nationwide problem. He has called lawmakers to pass a mandate to give drug dealers and traffickers the death penalty. He wants to put this into play during his 2024 presidential candidacy. Trump says that no other country has a “ drug problem” like America does. 

  He compares countries like China and Singapore telling the audience at his 2024 presidential election and candidacy speech that they don’t have severe drug problems and that even if they did, there would be something called a “ quick trial”: a fast trial where the accused would be executed for being caught selling/dealing drugs. He also tells that drug dealers to kill at least 500 people in their time selling. There are very mixed feelings about this topic. From one standpoint, some people on social media platforms like Tik Tok, Youtube, News Channels, etc. believe that there should not be a death penalty for drug dealers considering the fact that some may be people of color and ethnicity who are trying to make money to survive in the vulnerable state the American government has left them in.

It would make sense that Donald Trump feels this way and is trying to pass this law, seeing from his history in the public eye how he views people of color and ethnicity. In the media, he has been racially and completely insensitive and oppressive to almost every minority community. However, others think that this would be the right thing to do to stop drugs from being spread to people all around America. This is still a hot topic going around, and it will be interesting to see what lawmakers truly decide when it comes to this issue.