Lake Mead Murder Mystery 


Avery Mayer '23, Staff Writer

Lake Mead is a reservoir located right outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, which provides water to a few states including Nevada, Arizona, and California. Recently, the lake has experienced record low water levels. In May 2022, the water level rested at 1,052 feet above sea level (lowest since 1930). Not only is this problematic for the millions of people relying on this water source, but a dark discovery was made as well. Two bodies were uncovered due to the low water levels, one of which is believed to be a victim of homicide from the 1980s. 

The medical examiner stated that the first body discovered was most likely killed in the 1980s based on footwear and clothing. The body, which was hidden in a barrel, also suggested that a gunshot wound was the cause of death – yet nothing has been confirmed. The second body discovered (or skeletal remains) was found the following Saturday, and no evidence has suggested foul play. 

These discoveries, yet shocking, are not actually so surprising considering how Las Vegas has a history of mob violence and disposing of bodies in barrels has been a technique used years prior. Due to the continuous falling water levels, more discoveries could potentially be made but as of now, police and everyone involved hope this one could bring closure to the victim’s family and friends after years of uncertainty.