Conflicts between Ukraine and Russia

Jessica Amabile '24, Editor in Chief

Source: CNN


It has officially been over a month since Ukraine was invaded by Russia.  According to Statistica, 977 Ukrainian civilians have been killed, and 1,594 have been injured.  About 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers are thought to be dead, while Russian losses are somewhere between 7,000 to 15,000.


Russia has experienced particularly heavy losses in the past few weeks.  Many western countries, such as the United States, have cut ties with Russia.  Many believe this negatively affects the Russian economy, but in reality, it hurts the civilians more than the people with power.  CNBC stated, “Russia’s economy is now creaking under the immense weight of international sanctions and the costs of war, having largely failed to achieve major military victories in Ukraine.” This may influence the rest of the war and the outcome by forcing Russia to relent.


On March 21, CNN live coverage noted, “Russia has repeatedly been accused of targeting civilians, with trapped residents describing the onslaught as ‘hell.’  The Russian attacks have led to a total collapse in basic services — with residents unable to access gas, electricity or water. Bodies are being left in the street because there is either no one left to collect them, or it is simply too dangerous to try.”  While Ukraine has suffered many losses, Ukrainians are holding their own.  Many cities have been under siege but Ukrainians are ready to fight and are defending their country from attackers.  Time reported that there are many Ukrainians volunteering to help one another, especially in youth centers.  One resident mentioned, “‘I went to the recruitment office with my friend on the second day of war. There were many people, so we had to wait in a line. At last, we were told they had enough volunteers for now and were only accepting those with military experience.’”  This goes to show how many Ukrainians are willing to fight to defend their country.


NATO has had multiple sanctions (a threatened penalty) regarding the conflict in Ukraine.  It has decided to supply money and humanitarian efforts to aid the country.  Some allies have opened their borders to refugees, while others send military equipment, such as weapons and ammunition, and medical supplies.  You can help Ukraine by donating to organizations, such as GlobalGiving, to help provide food, water, medicine, and other necessities.