An Interview with Mrs. Snowden: Course selections for 2022-2023 school year

Ava Palmer '23, Staff Writer

During February, Cherry Hill West students started meeting with their guidance counselors and selected their classes for the 2022-2023 school year virtually and in person. Ava Palmer, staff writer for the Lions Roar, interviewed guidance counselor Mrs. Snowden regarding these selections. Also keep in mind that if students change their mind the students can always email their counselor or login to Genesis and make any changes .

Q: What is the most common mistake kids make while picking out their classes?

A:Students often don’t list alternate choices for electives.  We cannot guarantee that you will get your first choice.  Students should always have a backup elective course that they would like to take if they cannot have their first choice.


Q:What courses are new to West this year?

A:There are several new science electives: Animal Behavior, Neuroscience in Society, Cooking in Science, Toxicology.  There is also Filmmaking and a Design/Build class.


Q:What courses do you recommend people should take?

A:Of course, students must take their required courses, but students should take electives which reflect their interests in a possible career or major.  West offers many opportunities for students to explore elective courses in many different areas to enhance their educational and career goals.


Q:What should students keep in mind while picking courses?

A:Students should know that when they meet with their counselors to discuss courses, they are entered as requests and it is not their actual schedule.