Pep Rally


Nghia Tran and Connor Hawley '23

On Wednesday, November 27th, Cherry Hill West High School hosted a pep rally to celebrate our school spirit in the Jones Gym. Students came into the gym and were seated in their assigned bleachers. There were a series of events leading to the announcement of the Homecoming King and Queen.

First, the students and teachers stood for the school’s Alma Mater and the Star-Spangled Bangled Banner.  The National Anthem was performed by the Trumpet Ensemble and the Alma Mater was sung by choir students.

Following that, the cheerleaders performed an impressive routine that included tumbling, dancing, and cheers to increase school spirit. 

Thirdly, the four classes had a free throw competition, Jordan Lipford (Senior) won the competition. 

After the free throw competition, Angelina Cosme and Milan Toliver sang a song they composed called “The West Way”. 

Finally, all of the Homecoming Queen and King contestants came out and stood in front of the school in line waiting for the winners to be crowned. By popular votes, CJ Williams won the Homecoming King and Olivia Hafner won the Homecoming Queen. 

After the pep rally ended, Dr. Morton wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving holiday and dismissed the students.