Peter Pan: a Musical Adventure

Karla Rios, Editor-in-Chief

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While Circle Club has been around for several years at Cherry High School West, the club has been performing plays recently for only these past three years. This year’s production will be Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure on May 12th from 7 to 8:30 pm in the Theatre by the Main Entrance. A combined team of special education and general education students alongside teachers and family will put on a show that boosts confidence and builds positivity in the students who perform.

The director of Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure, Ms. McWilliams was able to talk about the positive effects the recent productions have had on her students. “Participating in the play gives them something to work towards. Sometimes, they don’t have the opportunities in high school for those long term goals.” The idea for a yearly play done by the Circle Club came from a talk between her and Mrs. Messias, the director of the spring musical. “We came to the decision that these guys deserve their own show, so it’s really their chance to shine”.

The excitement of the students on participating in the play was obvious after talking to students Kate Siefert and Jillian McDowney, both who are participating in the play. Siefert emphasized how putting on the play “ is a lot of fun and I definitely recommend [participating].” Meanwhile, McDowney responded with an affirmative “Yes” when asked if the the productions had helped boost her confidence. McDowney also said how her favorite part of doing the show is acting and dancing.

Come out and support our classmates in their production of Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure on May 12 in the Theatre from 7 to 8:30 pm.

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