Class of 2022: Top 5 West Memories

Jasmine Covert and Eva Ryan

To celebrate the graduating Class of 2022, we decided to survey the seniors of Cherry Hill West High School about their time here at West. Due to the pandemic, the Class of 2022 only had about one regular year of high school, which was their freshman year. We wanted to honor the group by revisiting their favorite memories. We pulled together 5 of the most memorable moments from their entire high school experience, selected by the seniors themselves.


5: Pep Rallies

Several seniors said that the Pep Rallies were their favorite high school memory.. The energy in the gym, whether competing in the activities or watching from the bleachers, was always energetic and exciting. 


Comments from the seniors:

“A lot of school spirit.” 

“The last time everyone was really together before Covid.”

4: Being on a Sports Team

Being on a sports team at West meant a lot to this class. The memories made, the friendships, and the games will never be forgotten. 


Comments from the seniors:

“ My favorite memory at west is when I played volleyball throughout my 4 years being here! Meeting new people and making memories!”

“I was surrounded by all of my friends for one last match.”

3: Homecoming and Junior Prom

Homecoming and Junior Prom were really popular memories. The Class of 2022 enjoyed being with friends, celebrating, and for some people, being nominated to be part of the court.


Comments from the seniors:

“My favorite memory of my time at West was when I was nominated to be the homecoming queen for the 2021-2022 school year. I enjoyed this memory because it was a really great time and it made me feel like everyone in the school looked up to me and saw the best in me.”

“Being part of the homecoming court was my favorite memory because I finally felt like some part of West.”

Junior Prom or Star Games. I did not expect to have a junior prom and it was so much fun to see my friends again.”


2: Football Games

Football games! School spirit, everyone coming together—a lot of people said the games were their favorite. These games will be memories never forgotten.


Comments from the seniors:

“Having the chance to show off school spirit and hang out with friends one last time will always be memorable. Cheering on the team with my friends in the stands in the pouring rain was so fun and will always be my favorite memory”


“Going to the West football games and going crazy in the bleachers with the music blasting, This was before Covid and every football game was high energy and super fun to be at with people from all grades”


East/West Homecoming game. The rain had only worsened as the night grew on. Playing the halftime show of Queen with the marching band as the rain pushed the contacts out of my eyes. You couldn’t open your mouth for more than 5 seconds without feeling like you were drowning. Everywhere you looked, someone was smiling and laughing at how awful our situation was. It was an out-of-body experience and yet I felt so present in the moment. Rather than stressing out over executing the perfect field show, we had the time of our lives trying to play our music in the pouring rain.”


1: Friends

As they graduate, all of the seniors will be together, either saying goodbye or see you later as they head off into the world They will miss their hometown friends more than anything.

Comments from the seniors:

“My favorite memory from West would be having the opportunity to see my friends again during school. That would have to be my favorite because sophomore and junior year were the hardest years and we couldn’t see our friends at all, and finally coming back together was amazing. “


“Meeting friends old and new, because without them I would be able to be who I am now”


“Friends, because school wouldn’t be the same”


“Meeting my friends and changing as a better person, meeting them and being the best energy for a lot of students, I will always be grateful.”


High school at Cherry Hill West was definitely a fun experience for the Class of 2022. Some other highlights of the year should also be noticed: here is a list of honorable mentions!

  • Lip Sync

“I normally am not on stage so it was fun to just mess around with my friends on the West Stage.”

  • Fishing

“What was your favorite memory from your time at West?”

“Fishing with JD Munday.”


“I fished.”

  • Hour of Code

“It was my freshman year and I did not know what was happening which caused me to mess up a lot but I think of it as funny now. I also got to meet a lot of upperclassmen who I would talk to a lot during my high school career. The memory itself also speaks to my passion for computer science.”

  • Throwing Food at Freshmen

And our personal favorite…

“It really really amused me and started an amusing food fight.”


Good luck to the class of 2022! We hope you keep these memories close, but continue to make new ones as you step into your future!