Ava Palmer '23, Staff Writer

Spring break starts Friday April 15 and ends on the 24th. We have all long awaited this long break from school. Now is the perfect time to kick up our feet and relax. Below are some ideas of what you can do to make your spring break amazing! 


1. Spring cleaning

Spring is here and it is time to do some spring cleaning. Everything must be a mess or we all just have a feeling that everything is all over the place. Well spring break is the perfect time to catch up on some cleaning. It may sound boring but the outcome of having a clean room/house is electrifying. 



2. Watch your favorite shows and movies

Kick up your feet and relax. Put on your favorite show/movie and just enjoy yourself. Maybe even try watching something new that you have never even thought about watching. 




3. Go for a nice walk outside 

Depending on the weather over the break, take some time and step outside. Get some fresh air and feel the sun beating down on you. Taking time to go outside can be beneficial for mood and mental health. 




4. Hangout with friends

Go out or stay in with your friends. Do something fun with your friends like, go shopping, get something to eat, drive around, ect. Anything is fun as long as you’re with your friends! 




5. Go to the beach

The weather may be cold over spring break but maybe take a trip to the beach. Watch the sunrise or the sunset and grab some food while you’re there.




6. Have a spa day

Go out and treat yourself. Whether it be getting your nails done, getting a message, getting your hair done, or just treating yourself to something you normally do not get to do.