Will Movie Theaters Survive The Pandemic?


Jamie Shuman '22 and

Some movie theaters have gone out of business due to fewer people buying tickets to watch movies because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Movie theaters should keep putting movies on apps where people can watch them for a fee. This will help them  still make their money until the pandemic is over and things get back to normal.

In 2020, AMC Entertainment’s net loss of $4.59 billion during the pandemic was due to most places being shut down for people’s safety. By the end of 2020, one of the nation’s largest movie theaters lost $946 million. At the end of December, AMC limited seating capacity to about 67% to help them gain money so they would not go out of business. This was also to prevent anyone in the movie theater from giving each other COVID-19.  

Movie theaters, as well as other places, have been seating people six feet away from each other when inside or outside to prevent germs from spreading to one another by too close of a distance. People inside public places have to wear masks or they are not allowed inside. Otherwise, they would be risking themselves and other people from getting the virus, which could land them on their deathbeds from a risky mistake or choice. Since fewer people have been going to movie theaters, they have been watching movies and shows on social media, movie apps, and their televisions. 

Movie theaters need to make their money in some way. Hopefully, when this pandemic is over, people will start watching movies at the theaters so they can gain back all the money they’ve lost during this difficult time.

Each movie theater should create an app and stream movies on television so people can pay to watch them help the theaters stay in business until the pandemic is over.