ELL Student Challenges and Experience


Willkommen, Welcome in German. Word cloud in different languages, conceptual background

Shelly Cenido '21 , Staff Writer

ELL students face a lot of challenges while they are in school but they also learn new things that help them to boost their confidence to interact with others.

ELL is an English Language Learner. ELL students are the students that are not fluent in the English language.

ELL class helps a lot of students to be more proficient in the English language. ELL class teaches not only the English language also other new things from other cultures, languages, and from other countries.

English language learners experience anxiety because they are not accustomed to the culture or the language around them. They fear being teased by their peers and sometimes even by their teachers for mispronouncing words or misinterpreting content. But because of ELL class, most students gain their confidence and they are trying their best to interact with others even though they are not fluent in English language.