Mural Unveiling at West Bonds The Past With The Present


On November 20, 2019 students at Cherry Hill HS West unveiled a mural of the Alma Mater at the front of the school.

The alma mater is a song/anthem and West’s was written in 1956.  Noor Baig, Class of ‘20, painted the lyrics of the West Alma Mater at the Main Entrance in order to honor the past history of West and to create school pride in current and future students. Dr. Meloche, Dr. Morton, and Noor Baig cut the ribbon for the Alma Mater. 

 Dr. Meloche stated that the Alma Mater was “Retaining the tradition of the school and was a way of honoring those traditions.” Dr. Meloche also stated that the significance of the Alma Mater was “to bring importance to the Alma Mater and ensure that everybody in the school understands and knows the Alma Mater”.

Alumni from the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s attended the event. “It was important to come back from where we graduated,” stated Kellie Montana and Dawn Higgins.” There is a lot of history around the Alma Mater and West.  It made us who we are today.”