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‘Fighting for Us’ and ‘Feeling the Bern’

Justin Gick '16, Editor-in-Chief

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The Democratic Presidential race is very heated this election year. In the beginning, there were three candidates trying to win the nomination and now there are only two. Their names are former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders who are both important figure heads in U.S. politics. To begin, Hillary Clinton has been involved in politics since the 1960’s when she was in college then First Lady of Arkansas and later First Lady of the United States. Bernie Sanders was not involved in politics at first, he was a carpenter and documentary filmmaker while living in Vermont. He became Mayor of Burlington, Vermont later on. People want to vote for Hillary because she has a lot of experience, but some think she has too many establishment ideas. The youth of America seem to be more for Sanders because he has a good college plan and speaks more toward their ideas.

Here is an introduction to a couple of each candidate’s views on the issues. On education, Hillary wants to make high quality education a priority for every child in America and support educators, whereas Bernie has the idea that No Child Left Behind should be seriously overhauled. On the economy, Hillary wants to give working families a raise and tax relief that helps them manage rising costs, as well as create good paying jobs. Bernie wants to expand the social safety net and reform broken criminal justice and immigration. Both of these candidates have been extremely close in the polls. Sanders one week will win primaries and Hillary might win the next. It is very interesting to see people getting out to vote in the election this year.

During the election year, candidates will pick a theme song that represents themselves to play at events when they walk into the room. Hillary Clinton’s theme is “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten which is a very upbeat song and when Hillary walks into an event the crowd goes wild and it sounds like she is already the president. Bernie Sanders goes the classical route, choosing “America” by Simon and Garfunkel and “Starman” by David Bowie. These are more reserved and not as upbeat as Clinton’s. Both candidates have a tremendous amount of supporters so it will be very interesting in the next few months when the rest of the primaries are going on. Hillary Clinton has more delegates than Bernie Sanders so it will be hard for him to catch up.

The Democratic Convention will be going on during the last week of July, this is where one democratic candidate is chosen by the convention delegates. Hillary Clinton is slated to be the winner of the convention and Donald Trump will unfortunately be the Republican winner. It will be very interesting to see the outcome of this presidential race. Continue to support the Democrats and get out to vote in the New Jersey primary election on June 7th and the general election on November 7th.


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‘Fighting for Us’ and ‘Feeling the Bern’