Interview with Mr. Gambino

Sophia Keagle '25, Staff Writer

This is Mr. Gambino’s first year of teaching at West. Last year he was a substitute all around the school.  He teaches 3D art 1, art workshop, and Fine Art 1.  He is both a great artist and a great teacher.

Q: Why do you think it is important to teach art?

A: I think people take for granted the skills you learn with the act of doing art, and through art we can learn creative confidence, which most people tribute creativity and ability together, but creativity is something you use your whole life.  Art gives you the confidence to be creative and to take risks and not be afraid of failure.


Q: How should people choose which art class to take?

A: I think it is important to dive right in and try a bunch of things to find out what you like. We’re fortunate here are west that the classes are single courses, and you can change it.


Q: Are there any upcoming events for artists interested (in or outside of school)?

A: The art show for school is in June, and a senior only show in the hospital where your work can be put up for sale.  Unfortunately, I don’t know of any others.


Q: How is teaching at West different from other schools (if taught at other schools)?

A: I taught jujutsu at Beacon Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness before I started teaching art. It is very similar in the regards of allowing students to gain a sense of self confidence and self worth through process and technique.


Q: What made you want to teach art?

A: I actually switched careers. I’ve been a graphic designer since 2009/ worked professionally in the industry but it wasn’t until I became a J.J. coach that I fell in love with teaching and I think I found my calling in a classroom.