Interview with Ms. Giampola


Sophia Keagle '25, Staff Writer


Ms. Giampoala teaches Fine Art 1, 2, 3 as well as AP Art here at West. She has been teaching here for 4 or 5 years and is a great teacher ands well as a very good artist.

Q: Why do you think it is important to teach art?

A:I was told I wasn’t good at art a lot, but used it to relieve stress, and I think that is important for high schoolers.  


Q: How should people choose which art class to take?

A: Based on their interests, they’re all so different. If you like messy, go with  Mrs. Baretto’s 3D art, if you’re interested in graphic design and that stuff take Mr. Gambino’s class, mine is more flat art and realistic drawings, and then Mrs. Savidge has the photography aspect.


Q: Are there any upcoming events for artists interested (in or outside of school)?

A: There are lots of contests randomly around the year at local places, so just look out for them.  Our art show is in june where students artwork is hung up, and we are also putting art in the hospital next to us.  

Q: How is teaching at West different from other schools (if taught at other schools)?

A: Very different environments.  I worked near the woods where kids were raised on farms and worked there.  People’s occupations were different, and we even got off of school on their first day of hunting season.  


Q: What made you want to teach art?

A: I was told I wasn’t good a lot when I was younger and when I worked at a restaurant it was very stressful.  I used art as an outlet to relieve that stress.  I also like the feeling of success after finishing a piece, when you work hard on something and finish it, it’s such a good feeling.