Skipping Through Time – Part 4

Skipping Through Time - Part 4

Dani Dieudonne, Staff Writer

The street lights buzz. Ivory and Kimberly have been running around Queens for the entire day.

“Are they fairies?” Kimberly collapses on the park bench. “It is hard trying to find two people in New York with no information on them,” Ivory sits down next to her. 

“How’s your hand?” Ivory questions, lifting her head and feeling the breeze. 

“Still hanging in there if you can say that,” Kimberly says, sticking the hand behind her. 

“Maybe we should give tonight a rest?” Kimberly says facing Ivory.

“No, what if we head back to the motel and you’re gone by tomorrow?” Pushing herself up, Ivory stands in front of Kimberly. 

Kimberly agrees. “Where could either of them be though?” 

Ivory smiles before answering. “The club!” 


Leaning back on the bench, Kimberly is ready to follow along with the plan before disagreeing. “That would work, but-” Kimberly drags out her last word. 

“We’re both 18 and we don’t have IDs on us.” Now standing, Kimberly walks away. 

Ivory follows closely behind. “Then I’m all out of places.”  

Kimberly throws her arm around Ivory’s shoulders. “Don’t lose hope just yet. If those people are my parents, then I can remember some places they’ve talked about.” 

“I thought you said that they don’t enjoy talking about their youth like that.” Ivory says as they stand at the crosswalk. 

Frowning, Kimberly replies. “That doesn’t mean they didn’t tell me some things.” 

Ivory opens her mouth to say something before she closes it. In the distance she can hear a familiar voice. “It was like that kid was Cupid.”

“Is that-” Kimberly starts before feeling her arm being snatched by Ivory. 

“Isn’t this perfect timing?” Ivory asks, marching over to the women from the diner earlier today. 


“It’s Friday, and I’m thinking about going out to eat first. Then a movie?” One woman voices next to Leah.

“Who’s that?” The same woman asks as Kimberly and Ivory stand a few feet from Leah and her friends. Leah stares at them before a smile reaches her face. 

“I know them,” she says, approaching the two. “These are the girls I was talking about.” 

Lost for words, Kimberly connects the dots, from the names to her disappearing hand.  ‘Is this my mom?’ she thinks. It couldn’t be! But it also could be? Kimberly softly gasps. 

“Is she okay?” One woman asks Ivory. 

“Yeah! She’s just shy,” Ivory glares at Kimberly waiting for her to talk. 

Clearing her voice, Kimberly is about to speak before she gets cut off  by Leah. 

“I’m glad you weren’t shy earlier today, or else I still would’ve been with that sorry excuse of a boyfriend.” Leah says.

 Kimberly’s face curls up as she listens to her mom talk badly about her father.

“So are you two done?” Ivory interjects, uncrossing her arms.

“I’m not one to put my business out there with strangers, but yes. He and I are done.”

 Ivory and Kimberly feel their jaws hit the ground. 

“Forgive me if I’m overstepping, but maybe give him another chance?” Kimberly says before quieting down. 

“Does she think she’s a relationship therapist?” One of Leah’s friend’s questions. Leah walks past Ivory and Kimberly, who are on the verge of freaking out. This may be their only shot of speaking to Leah. 

“Just think about it, I mean I don’t know you and you surely don’t know me but-” a hand appears in front of Kimberly’s face, preventing her from talking. 

“Listen, you two seem like sweet girls, and I appreciate your little advice. But I’m not listening to a stranger twice today. Now we’re going to walk away from each other and enjoy our night, alright?” 

 Eyeing Kimberly, Ivory notices her silence. “WAIT!” Ivory shouts out, but Leah and her girlfriends are already walking up the block heading to whatever they did back then.

“Who knew my mom could be so cruel?” Kimberly rubs at her chest, feeling the burn there. Ivory brushes past her.

“I see where you get it from now,” Ivory mumbles. Kimberly catches up to Ivory. “What does that mean?” 

Ivory shakes her head, “Nothing, let’s head back to the motel. We have a long day tomorrow.”

“Ivory!” Kimberly shouts, stopping in her tracks. Ivory turns to Kimberly. 

“What now?” Kimberly moves her focus to what was once her hand. “My hand’s gone.”