Skipping Through Time – Part 1

Skipping Through Time - Part 1

Dani Dieudonne, Staff Writer

“Nothing?” Kimberly asks her best friend who’s sitting across from her. 

“No,” Ivory replies. 

The two girls are sitting in a crowded diner. The year is 1992, Queens, New York. Sighing, Kimberly presses her head against the glass window, the sun beaming down on her face. 

“Look, I’m sure things are working out fine over there. Besides, maybe we can do some more sightseeing before we head back home.” Ivory tries to reassure Kimberly, who is two seconds from leaving the diner. 

“How can they even break a time machine? That’s impossible, think about it Ivory, we’ve done this countless times and this time something is different?” Leaning up, Kimberly stares at Ivory, who doesn’t know what to say. 

“You’re the one who wanted to come back here, again. Maybe the system got fuzzy and broke down.” As Ivory searches for a further explanation, a couple walks into the diner, their words louder than the crowd itself. “Besides, who wants to go into the past twice?” Ivory begins to play with the straw in her cup. Sitting behind them now is the couple. “Leah you know that isn’t true. Stop filling your head with nonsense.” The man behind the two speaks. Rolling her eyes, Kimberly flops back into her side of the booth. “Just when things can’t get worse, we’re stuck listening to a lousy couple fighting.” 

Looking over her friend’s head, Ivory can’t help but notice how the woman facing her looks exactly like Kimberly, “Kim, turn around-” Words being cut off Ivory brings her attention to the side of her. 

“Is there an Ivory Grant here?” A man holding a phone asks, his other hand stopping the radio from playing, gaining everyone’s attention. 

“Who?” Someone else replies. Heart skipping a beat, Ivory jumps from her seat dashing for the phone, leaving behind a confused Kimberly. 

“That’s me” Ivory walks up, throwing herself to where the man is. “Woah calm down, the phone ain’t going nowhere.” Passing it to her, Ivory places it close to her ear covering her other one with her hand to block out the noise. 

“James, I’m getting real sick and tired of you, y’know that?” 

Groaning, Kimberly tries to ignore the couple, wondering to herself. ‘Who comes out of the house just to argue?’ “Hello?” Ivory mumbles.  

“Ivory?” The person from the other side questions back, sighing in relief. Ivory recognizes her friend Issac’s voice. He’s the one who helps Kimberly and Ivory go back in time. Issac’s also a part of the reason they’re stuck here. 

“Then maybe we should break up.” Kimberly chews on her straw, feeling like she’s stuck in a terrible movie. “Leah, you don’t mean that.” “I do James.” Propting his arm up on the booth, he accidentally hits Kimberly’s shoulder. “You talk too much.” He tells her. 

Snapping around, Kimberly breaks. “What’s the problem with, you two? Coming to a place like this to fight.” She points to the man. “Maybe you should listen to her, if she wants to break up then so be it, stop whining and ruining the mood.” Slumping around into her seat, Kimberly doesn’t look at the couple’s faces again. 

“Maybe that girl is right,” the woman says. “James, we’re through.” Gathering her things, Kimberly hears the woman stomp out the door, her boyfriend behind her. “Finally” Kimberly whispers. 

“Wait, what?” Ivory looks back at Kimberly. “Well, just what happened?” Sighing, Issac replied “I could ask you the same thing. I can’t find Kimberly’s name in the machine, just yours.” Playing with the phone wire, Ivory realizes that this is bad, seriously bad.        

The girls only have two days left here, and only one of them can come back. Taking a last look at Kimberly, the girl was holding up her hand. Now locking eyes with each other, Kimberly’s hand is see-through. 

Dropping the phone, Ivory leaves Issac on the line.