Week 6 – Student Spotlight



Noah Casa is a kind and helpful student. Whenever he notices someone having a technical issue, he is always there to help and teach the student how to fix it. He is a part of Athletes Against Bullying, track, and cross country. Mrs. Howard describes him as a cooperative student who always takes the initiative to help others. Way to go Noah!



Lily is a vital part of the West Girls Varsity Softball team. Her incredible sportsmanship and hard work have allowed Lily to stand out to Coach Franzosi. Lily is courageous and a great leader for the team. Her resilience and strength have allowed her to become the great person she is on and off the field. Mrs. Franzosi who is not only Lily’s softball coach, but also her guidance counselor says that, “she embodies the West Way with her leadership, hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship, on a daily basis.” Congratulations Lily!