Week 2 – Student Spotlight

Week 2 - Student Spotlight


Axel Sacks is a passionate, innovative, caring student who is extremely motivated and supportive inside the classroom and out, according to Mademoiselle Cottone. Axel took the initiative to pursue his dream of starting a new club at West, Open Space for Creative Minds. He created this club in order for all students to be able to express themselves freely, in a safe environment free of judgment. Great job Axel, keep up the work!



Danielle Depre is an outstanding student and citizen of the West Community. She has been active in class government and many other clubs/activities. Mrs. Ciechon says Danielle always helps make decisions and gives her input. Danielle has been involved since freshman year and is always working hard. She is a reliable and creative leader who we will miss when she graduates. Best of luck Danielle!