Donald Trump: Is He Really Going to Make America Great Again?

Johnathan Swisa '17, Staff Writer

No one in the Republican race for president has garnered more attention than the former host of the Celebrity Apprentice himself: Donald Trump. When Trump spoke about the possibility of running for president in 2012, people didn’t take him seriously and he decided to opt out. Now, Trump is running for the Republican presidential nominee for the November 2016 election and he’s in the lead. Talk about how time has changed. Trump always has gathered a lot of reaction in his life whether it’s good or bad, and it’s no doubt he’s making a name for himself running for president. However, this question has to have every American citizen thinking: Is Donald Trump the solution to America’s problems?

The United States entered the recession 7 years ago in October 2008. Ever since then, jobs are harder to get and this reminds people of The Great Depression in the 1930s when the stock market crashed. Strangely enough, America got into the recession in 2008 because the stock market crashed again.

There have been small recessions but this one is the biggest since the 1930s. The people of the United States thought the new President, Barack Obama, could get America out of this recession. However, very little has changed and this has given a chance for Donald Trump and other Republican and Democratic candidates to become the 45th president of the United States. And while Mr. Donald J. Trump might be leading the polls for the Republican Party, can you imagine him as president? I have a hard time thinking so.

We all know Trump’s a loud mouth who is very vocal about certain topics and can back it up but is he ready to stand toe to toe with the terrorism that has been threatening America since 9/11? America has been a target of the terrorist group known as ISIS and seeing what ISIS has done around the world, for certain America doesn’t want a repeat of 9/11. Donald Trump doesn’t want to experience what George W. Bush, or any American citizen for that matter, felt in 2001, but he has to be clever in order to defeat ISIS.

Trump has made some comments about Muslims that backfired on him. He proposed to ban all Muslims entering America and a ton of people felt like Trump was in his own world. That goes against the foundations of America where it was written that people could have free speech, religion, press and assembly. Trump denies all of this and believes people twisted his words. He says he is “friends” with some Muslim people who according to Trump believes he “brought something up to the fore that is so brilliant and so fantastic” (during his interview with CNN’s Don Lemon).

It’s really hard to determine whether or not Trump makes a valid point. On one hand, he for sure knows that ISIS is no joke and takes them seriously; however, on the other hand, he’s not making America look any better with these remarks.

Another thing that gave Donald Trump a whole lot of backfire was when he mocked a New York Times reporter with a physical disability. He denied it and accused the reporter of “using his disability to grandstand” according to

What really startles me is that despite this entire backlash, Trump is still in the lead of the GOP with 41% and alongside the Republican primary voters he leads with 30 percent. So, let me get this straight: people are supporting someone who denies everything wrong he’s done despite it being seen by many people just to become president? Is Trump acting like a liar? It seems so, and do the American people want a liar to run their country?

Donald Trump is a very controversial figure today. Many people have mixed feelings about the man who owned a couple of casinos in Atlantic City. Is he going to make America great again? What’s your take on Trump? Should he become our next president? Or should he back away from politics? Would you consider him good or bad for America? Consider this question as a way of getting your voice known and if Donald Trump hears it, it could change his ways…hopefully.