Class of 2016 speaks up!

Hannah Johnston '16, Staff Writer

High school years are the most important years in a teenager’s life. These years help students figure out who they are and what they aspire to be. A new batch of freshmen this year brings a whole new set of opinions. The class of 2016 is a very diverse group of kids that brings something different to our school. Morgan Callan, a Carusi graduate, is very active in extracurricular activities. She participates in cheerleading and is a member of DECA and Red Ribbon Week Club. Callan also plans on joining Latin Club and participating in stage crew in the spring. “I like high school because it’s a new experience and I get to meet new people,” says Callan. Callan loves football games and enjoys photography. She is an overall well-rounded student
On the other hand, Toby Warren, an honors student, has a very different take on school. Warren gets straight to the point, “I’m not enjoying it because it’s school.” With all the homework and long hours, it’s easy to relate to how Warren feels. Being a high school student can be exhausting.
Drama and Environmental Club member, Kaylee Mattoon, has a very positive outlook on high school, “I like it because there’s a lot more freedom and the electives can help you because they help you strive to be what you want to be later in life.” Mattoon’s point has some great insight considering many students take electives that involve their dreams and aspirations for life.