Breaking Barriers Like A Boss


Jessica Amabile '24, Staff Writer

By Jessica Amabile, November 2020

Kamala Harris is currently breaking barriers for women across America.  By becoming the first female vice-president-elect to Joe Biden, she has become even more influential.  

An example of her ability to break barriers that have been around for generations is the fact that she is “the first woman, first Black American and first Asian American to win the second-highest U.S. office,” according to Reuters.  Since the electoral college was founded in 1788, there has not been one female president.  This is extremely unfair, but having Harris as a Vice President makes it possible to have one in the very near future.  

Gil Duran stated that People knew she had ambition and star potential. It was always clear that she had the raw talent” (BBC).  Those skills are part of the reason Harris is so influential and accomplished–especially because she just got elected to be Vice President.

Reuters also stated, “Harris, 56, is widely seen as an obvious candidate for the Democratic Party nomination in 2024 should Biden, who will be 78 at their inauguration on Jan. 20, decide not to seek a second term”.  With Harris as Vice President, it not only gives her some say in government matters and political experience, it also gets her one step closer to becoming the first woman president for 2024.  Having a female president would be extremely historical and it would likely be very beneficial to the United States.

Some people might say this isn’t a big deal because she’s only a Vice President.  However, it’s an extremely big deal for women across the country because it’s a step towards getting a female president, possibly even in 2024.  Also, Harris may be the next Vice President, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any power at all.  She will be part of the president’s administration and presides over the Senate as a tie-breaker as needed.  That way, Harris will able to talk to President-elect Biden and help him make decisions.

Americans need to normalize having women in powerful positions, especially government positions, such as senators, vice presidents, and presidents.  People should not be prevented from becoming president just because of their gender. Having Kamala Harris as Vice President-elect is a step in the right direction for women everywhere, and will hopefully inspire women everywhere to become politicians- or whatever it takes to achieve their dreams.


Artwork by Perry Milou