The Lion's Roar

A Heartfelt Thank You…

Hannah Johnston '16 and Justin Gick '16

September 27, 2015

When making my schedule in 8th grade, there were three spots for alternative electives. I put Journalism in the 3rd spot because it sounded kind of interesting, but I didn’t think I’d actually get it. When my schedule came...

Voluntary Summer School?

Josee Matela '16, Staff Writer

September 24, 2015

Voluntarily going to school during the summer may sound as pleasing as drinking orange juice after brushing one’s teeth. Yet several members of West’s senior class used the summer months to take an early dive into college...

The Power of Music

Jonathon Hoch '16, Staff Writer

September 24, 2015

The Cherry Hill West Vocal Department, one of the most prominent programs at West, is at its peak, in terms of performance, hard work ethic and passion. This year, I can truly feel the love for singing that all of the vocal students...

How to Survive the Monotony of College Open Houses

Hannah Johnston '16, Editor-in-Chief

September 24, 2015

Nothing says summer like beach days, reading in the sun, swimming in your friend’s pool, and of course, spending hours at college open houses. Although it would be nice to consider summer as a simple time to relax and live in...

Vegetarianism has benefits for the environment

June 3, 2015

By: Aaditi Tamhankar ‘17 Features Editor By eating less meat, we can reduce the impact of climate change, rainforest destruction and pollution, in addition to saving water and other resources. In fact, the single most important...

Selfie sticks seldom seize superior snapshots

June 3, 2015

By Hannah Johnston ’16 Opinions Editor The ‘selfie’ has become the icon of today’s pop culture. Everywhere you go there seems to be yet another person snapping a picture of themselves with the front facing camera. People...

Unoriginality buries the lost art of film

October 7, 2014

By:  Hannah Johnston ‘16 Opinions Editor Movies; they are everywhere. They are previewed on billboards, commercials, bus stops, and sometimes even in other movies. The entertainment industry is massive, and movies are a huge...

Black Friday Criticism

January 21, 2014

By Michael Clemens ‘16 News Editor   The day after Thanksgiving has been turned into a horrific event known as Black Friday.  Black Friday used to be used to describe the heavy traffic after Thanksgiving, and...

ABC Family

January 21, 2014

Hannah Johnston ‘16 Opinions Editor As the holiday season commences, many families and friends gather around in excitement with decorations, presents, and cheer. After all, the holidays are a time of celebration and comfort....

Freshmen class shares mixed reviews about the new schedule

November 19, 2013

Chasen Shao ‘15 Assistant Editor-in Chief In every coming school year, new changes are evident. The past seniors leave and in their place, a new class enters to restart the high school experience. However, for the past two...

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