The Lion's Roar

Park At Your Own Risk

Park At Your Own Risk

November 12, 2019

H2OhNo! We Did It So You Don’t Have To!

Sean Tomasetto '19 and Casey Workman '22

March 22, 2019

Just in case you were ever curious which water fountain in the school tastes the best--though we acknowledge that probably nobody’s ever asked this question--we, Casey Workman and Sean Tomasetto, have not only taste-tested, but ...

110 Stories

Sean Tomasetto '19

February 2, 2019

Twelve chairs sit on the stage, the actors staying in them until it’s their time to step up and speak. However, the actors do not perform a scene by speaking to each other; instead, they tell their stories directly to the audience. This is the...

Of New Artists and Rock and Roll

Of New Artists and Rock and Roll

Casey Workman '22

January 26, 2019

Boys Soccer Success

Boys Soccer Success

November 5, 2018

Peter Pan: a Musical Adventure

Karla Rios, Editor-in-Chief

May 3, 2018

While Circle Club has been around for several years at Cherry High School West, the club has been performing plays recently for only these past three years. This year’s production will be Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure on May 12th from...

4/12/18 News Broadcast

April 12, 2018

3/28/18 News Broadcast

March 27, 2018

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