Spirit Week Spike-Ball Tournament:


Avery Mayer '23 and Jill Shapiro '23

Spirit Week is always an exciting time of the year for students and spikeball is one of the most popular activities. A competition was held on November 18th, during the lunch periods, and teams from all grade levels participated. The tournament had 4 courts and was played winner vs. winner and loser vs. loser. Each team played at their assigned court and the rankings for each court determined the amount of Spirit Week points earned for your grade. 

The juniors finished in first place with 12 points, followed by the seniors with 10 points. The sophomores took 3rd place with 8 points and in last place were the freshman with 6 points. Overall, the first place team got 5 points towards their spirit week total, second place was awarded 3 points, and third got 1.

Some key players in the tournament shared their thoughts on the event. Nick Berckman said, when asked how he felt going into the tournament, “Me and Tommy Stankus coming in. We’re looking to take the dub. We’re gonna fight, we’re gonna battle. Blood, Sweat, Tears”. Another participant, junior Ben Manns, was interviewed before and after his team’s loss. In his pregame interview we asked him how he felt going into the tournament. He answered this question with enthusiasm, saying, “I’m feeling very confident. We are really on a high right now. Last night we took a huge win in dodgeball and are trying to build on that momentum.” 

He noted that he would rather be playing on turf and not the gym floor because it limits their ability to dive and fight for the win. Unfortunately, his group lost their match, and here’s what he had to say afterward: “I mean it was definitely a tough game. I thought we had ‘em–we were up 8 to 7 at one point. They scored a quick 3 points and put us down. I mean we got 1 back but just couldn’t finish the job.”