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By:  Sydney Kramer ‘17
Staff Writer

Youtube is only eight years old, yet it is the most used website worldwide. On a daily basis, 1 million people will visit Youtube. But what does everyone go on to watch? Videos vary for a channel from movie reviews to people falling over and getting hurt, to cute animals just being, well, cute! A lot of people find out about videos through Facebook and Twitter. Others can find out by simply going onto Youtube and continuing to scroll through each video. From a survey I took, majority of people have heard of PewDiePie and Tobuscus. Others enjoy Starkid and AVByte. However, lots of people have not heard of these popular and amazing Youtube channels.
One Youtube channel, with the main goal to make you laugh, is Smosh. If you don’t know, Smosh is a comedy duo that posted videos on their website smosh.com. As soon as Youtube was created in 2005, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla made their own channel and became a Youtube hit. They made their annual skit Food Battle and one of their most popular video series Pokémon in Real Life, where they act out things that happen in Pokémon that, quite honestly, do not make much sense… You can look at Smosh whenever you need a good laugh.
Another widely known channel is CinemaSins. Instead of making you laugh by telling you pointless jokes, they just state the facts about what goes wrong with movies. This Youtube channel is dedicated to finding “sins” ranging from plot holes to the utterly ridiculous in various movies including The Avengers, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter. Their videos are called Everything Wrong With… and I highly recommend you watch their videos while you’re scrolling aimlessly through Youtube.
One final channel is loved for its sheer creativity: Improv Everywhere. Formed by Charlie Todd, this channel goes around New York City carrying out pranks, or as they call, “missions”, in public. They gather a bunch of people, volunteers or actors, to make these pranks incredible. They have had a hundred men, women, and children stand in Grand Central Station completely still for a long time before going on like nothing happened. They also created Movies In Real Life by having a little boy dressed as Harry Potter and ask people at the JFK airport where Platform 9 ¾ is, and had “Gandalf” stand on a bridge, yelling at people that they “Shall not pass!”
Youtube has so much to offer when it comes to entertaining videos. You just have to keep searching through channels to find a good one. So instead of struggling to find an amazing channel and you’re sick and tired of the endless cat videos, look up some of these channels and enjoy the creativity and imagination they have to offer to make you laugh and share with your friends.

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