“Academic” monster film for the kid in you

Josee Matela '16, Staff Writer

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There’s always that special place that only childhood nostalgia can fill; the reminders of the period of innocence, imagination, and our admiration at the world and its marvels. Each of us remembers the different experiences that have impacted us as a kid. The grandeur of movies, for example, gave our curiosity a place to thrive as we learned and admired. Often times, movies labeled as “just for kids” are anything but. Monster’s University, which came out this past June, was marketed for children, but teenagers still traveled to the theaters. Some went out of curiosity but many went because it was a continuation of a piece of their childhood. It’s the prequel to the Pixar classic, Monster’s Inc., which released in 2001 while they were younger kids. Though released twelve years after the first, Monsters University delivered as a successful and satisfying addition and challenged the definition of a “children’s movie”.
Monster’s University highlights Mike Wazowski and his pursuance of his childhood dream to become a “scarer”, a job reserved for the best. He arrives at Monsters University with wide eyed dreams, an immeasurable drive to succeed, and fearlessness to the unknown. Aided by faithful friends, including adversary turned best friend James Sullivan, he takes on a world that doesn’t believe he can ever succeed because he doesn’t fulfill the accepted stereotypical physical definition of a scarer.
Monsters University was a feel good movie that seamlessly fit into its predecessor with new intriguing storylines. The plot remained exciting while the jokes were fresh, a perfect balance. Also, I have a newfound  respect for the Monsters narrative. I was able to channel my inner child and root for the protagonist, empathizing with when they fell and cheering when they would rise back up. The hard lesson of following your dreams and facing of adversity was simplified as only children’s movies can do so well. It somewhat clarifies and reiterates the childhood virtues and lessons by targeting our nostalgia, taking us back to the formidable youth we were.
Monsters University takes us back to the start, expanding on a classic flawlessly. This movie is recommended because you leave the theater with the satisfaction of a quality movie and the feelings of a little kid, swept away to a world of monsters.

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